Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Where are you???!!!

I know that is what you have been asking when visiting here! No worries, I am around :)
The sewing machine has been working overtime in the recent weeks, and finally a few items are complete. These quilts have been done for a little while, but it seems the hand sewing of the binding takes me some time to complete. Practice has proven to increase the pace, but still finding the time to sit and hand sew for more than 10 min at a time is the real challenge!

Since the weather has been overcast the last few days, I decided to take the photos indoors. I placed my quilt on the floor and went to get the camera. Here is what I came back to:

An additional quilt has also been finished. Here is a tiny glimpse. This is a gift so only a peek. And of course Jenna's little hands. She is obsessed with cameras so it is hard to get a photo without her in it!

And the (drumroll....) 9 patch quilt!!! (From Crazy Mom's quilt-a-long) The top is almost finished. I just need to finish the rows around the edges. It will be going on Hailey's bed if she likes it when it is complete. She was not happy I put brown, blue, and green in it!!
See that yellow frame up at the top of the photo?

Here is a closer peek....
Does it look familiar? Not the artwork -- that is a masterpiece Hailey created. Which is a bird sewing, if you did not see that on your first glance! Anyway -- the frame. Stuart gave it to me as a gift when we first started dating (that would be 10 years ago!)
So where have you seen it before? Do you need some show....peep hole....
Here is the answer....

Organized or Obsessive?