Sunday, July 27, 2008

Busy, busy days....

Where to start....


She had her 6 month appointment last week. Her stats are:
Weight - 16 lbs and 5 oz..right at the 50%
Length - 25.5 inches...40%
Head - 44 cm...80% (Yes, just like Papa!)

Jackson's Birthday

Jackson had a blast at his bowling party. Stuart kept the boys on task bowling -- and he did a great job, I may add.

Do you like the Jackson's Bowling shirt? Daddy go that for him. Makes him look like pro!

On Jackson's actual birthday we celebrated with Grandma and Papa W and Auntie Amy at Tokyo. It was Jackson's pick and this is his favorite place to dine. He loves the shrimp! Overall, he is loving being six and has enough legos, transformers and star wars toys to keep him busy until he turns 7 (maybe!)


Hailey is doing great in theatre class. She loves having date morning with Daddy twice a week. Here is a photo of Hailey this week. She is making a toy for Jenna. You take a small water bottle and fill it with beads and water. Hailey went through her bead bag and carefully selected beads for Jenna's special bottle. We super glued it closed and wha-la, Jenna's is in her glory! We had one of these with the other kids when they were little and it was a favorite toy! Hailey is such and awesome sister and Jenna just loves playing with her! It is very nice to see.

And last but not least, news for the Guestbook Store. We moved! Yes, we moved. Our space was getting a little (well, a lot) cramped. We were getting by, but knew we had to do something. We are in the same building, but moved into two other units. We have twice the space and twice the mess right now! The Guestbook Store just celebrated 6 years in business as well. WHOO HOOO!!!!

Also, we had our 1st annual street party here...Christine does a great job of telling all about it here.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

6 month old and a 6 year old!

Jenna just celebrated her 6 month birthday (okay, a few days ago!) and woke up this morning with a tiny tooth poking though! And I must also mention she woke up after an 11 hour sleep - straight though!!!! Keep it up Jenna.

As for the 6-year-old, Jackson was busy preparing for his birthday! Tomorrow he gets to bring a birthday treat to school. He wanted a candy pizza. Okay....and here I was thinking that we need to recreate a cookie that looks like a pizza. Red frosting, white frosting, fruit roll ups cut into circles for pep, grated white chocolate for cheese..... Nope. Jackson had an idea of his own and he wanted to decorate the pizza. I took a step back, tied my hands behind my back and let him do his magic. He is very proud of his candy pizza and I am sure the kids will love it!

We had a very busy weekend including Country Jam, a great neighborhood dinner, and a Twins game. (well, Jenna and I skipped the game!) On our trip home from MN, we stopped in Stillwater. If you are in the area or/and need a new playground, this place is great.

It will continue to be a busy week. Tomorrow is Jackson's bowling party with friends, and Thursday will be his actually birthday. Oh, it is hard to believe only 6 little years ago I was expecting our first child. Things do change!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Schwichtenberg Visit!

Yes, that is how you spell it. I had to practice!!! We had a wonderful visit with them last weekend.

Here they are....Jimmy & Andie (Andie and I went to WSU together, just in case you were wondering. And don't even think of asking her stories, she won't tell!!!!)

They have two beautiful children (and sooooo well behaved!!!) Jaylen and Isaiah.

Oops, hold on Jaylen!

Speaking of holding on....Steve and Stu had a hard time doing that while riding the bull. They may or may not have a mark or two prove it!

Steve and Dara - what a smashing couple!

And the kiddos...minus Ella. She was playing camera shy. As I said before, Hailey loves the camera. Her poses are endless...and yes, she picked out the outfit all by herself!

Oh, and Jenna was there too...hangin' in the stroller!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Our days...

Most days my camera just sits on my desk. So today, no photos!

Jenna is doing great. She rolled over yesterday from her back to her belly, so now she can move around a little! She also has been working on picking up her Cheerios. Today, she finally did it! She brings them to her month, now she just has to learn to let go!

Hailey started Fairy Tale Theatre class. Today they read Snow White and the teacher outlined their bodies on a large sheet of paper for them to color. She attends this class every Tues and Thurs for the month of July. We will see how she does. It is interesting that she is so outspoken in her day to day routines, but rather quiet in class. Guess that is a good thing!!

Jackson is also very busy. His birthday list is getting very, very long. He has started planning his party as well. A Transformer party at the bowling alley! He is very excited about turning 6. We also had a long talk today about going to the doctor and getting shots! Good thing we have a few weeks before that appointment. (I'll send Daddy!)

That is our day in nutshell!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th!!

We had a fun weekend celebrating the 4th at Auntie Amy's house. Here are a few red, white and blue shots of the weekend.
The camera loves this girl....and she happens to love the camera!
Jenna celebrating her first 4th!

More accurately, this is what Jenna has been looking like a lot these days! Her tongue is her latest discovery and she wants everyone to know it!

Here is the family....see Jackson is the back! He was there!!!

And just so you know I was there too....