Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Schwichtenberg Visit!

Yes, that is how you spell it. I had to practice!!! We had a wonderful visit with them last weekend.

Here they are....Jimmy & Andie (Andie and I went to WSU together, just in case you were wondering. And don't even think of asking her stories, she won't tell!!!!)

They have two beautiful children (and sooooo well behaved!!!) Jaylen and Isaiah.

Oops, hold on Jaylen!

Speaking of holding on....Steve and Stu had a hard time doing that while riding the bull. They may or may not have a mark or two prove it!

Steve and Dara - what a smashing couple!

And the kiddos...minus Ella. She was playing camera shy. As I said before, Hailey loves the camera. Her poses are endless...and yes, she picked out the outfit all by herself!

Oh, and Jenna was there too...hangin' in the stroller!

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Hoekzema said...

I'm loving Hailey's outfit. Oh, the things to look forward to with two girls!