Tuesday, July 22, 2008

6 month old and a 6 year old!

Jenna just celebrated her 6 month birthday (okay, a few days ago!) and woke up this morning with a tiny tooth poking though! And I must also mention she woke up after an 11 hour sleep - straight though!!!! Keep it up Jenna.

As for the 6-year-old, Jackson was busy preparing for his birthday! Tomorrow he gets to bring a birthday treat to school. He wanted a candy pizza. Okay....and here I was thinking that we need to recreate a cookie that looks like a pizza. Red frosting, white frosting, fruit roll ups cut into circles for pep, grated white chocolate for cheese..... Nope. Jackson had an idea of his own and he wanted to decorate the pizza. I took a step back, tied my hands behind my back and let him do his magic. He is very proud of his candy pizza and I am sure the kids will love it!

We had a very busy weekend including Country Jam, a great neighborhood dinner, and a Twins game. (well, Jenna and I skipped the game!) On our trip home from MN, we stopped in Stillwater. If you are in the area or/and need a new playground, this place is great.

It will continue to be a busy week. Tomorrow is Jackson's bowling party with friends, and Thursday will be his actually birthday. Oh, it is hard to believe only 6 little years ago I was expecting our first child. Things do change!

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Hoekzema said...

Wow! What a pizza. Ainsley would like to place an order for one. Do you deliver to across the street?