Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Our days...

Most days my camera just sits on my desk. So today, no photos!

Jenna is doing great. She rolled over yesterday from her back to her belly, so now she can move around a little! She also has been working on picking up her Cheerios. Today, she finally did it! She brings them to her month, now she just has to learn to let go!

Hailey started Fairy Tale Theatre class. Today they read Snow White and the teacher outlined their bodies on a large sheet of paper for them to color. She attends this class every Tues and Thurs for the month of July. We will see how she does. It is interesting that she is so outspoken in her day to day routines, but rather quiet in class. Guess that is a good thing!!

Jackson is also very busy. His birthday list is getting very, very long. He has started planning his party as well. A Transformer party at the bowling alley! He is very excited about turning 6. We also had a long talk today about going to the doctor and getting shots! Good thing we have a few weeks before that appointment. (I'll send Daddy!)

That is our day in nutshell!

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