Tuesday, December 8, 2009

3 & 4 down, 8 to go

Baby Xavier arrived last week Tuesday. Oh, he is already one week old today! Happy Birthday Xavier! Here is the quilt that he was given.

Here is the back and then the front...Blogger is not letting me arrange photos...ugg...

It is a snow day here (which means no school) in the frozen land of Wisconsin. In our yard, it there is about one foot of snow. The weather persons think another 5 inches is on the way. The kiddos are lovin' it! I did bundle Jenna up to experience the snow. There is so much clothing on her it is pretty hard for her to move! She absolutely hated the snow pants. Once I managed to get her outside, she was okay, but not a happy camper. So I tried to bring her back inside, and she screamed even more because she wanted to go back out....

Here is what our dining room table looks like today. I finished both art caddy/bags for Jackson and Hailey. They LOVE them. All filled with fun art supplies and of course educational books!

I also was able to finish one more art bag. This one will be filled with goodies and donated. It's my favorite. After making three of them, I think I got the hang of it. Of course, the pattern needed lots of modifications!!!

Only 8 more items left!!!

Hailey's 9 Patch
Quilt for our bed
Holiday quilt
Simple Abundance Quilt
Scissors Quilt (the fabric line escapes me...)
Shadowbox frame
Bulletin board
Crocheted block blanket