Friday, December 5, 2008

Updates on the Kiddos!

Hailey -- Yes, she enjoyed the Nutcracker. They had a wonderful date night. She is enjoying Dance class and will have her recital on Dec 15th. Post more about that after the event! Next she would like to give ice skating a try! And a photo of my cheeky girl. This is the best I could get this morning! (She is laying on the couch trying to hide from the camera)

Jenna -- She is getting so active, so very active! She is on the go most of the time just to see what she can find to eat or spill or crawl on! Recently she discovered Hailey's old doll. She loves it. She gives it big hugs and smiles. Super cute!

Jackson -- He is doing fantastic in school and really loves it. He is also in a flag football league. At the beginning of the season, well, lets just say there was room for improvement! He was hesitant and not quite sure how to play! The next 2-3 games he got so much better. He was learning the rules, practicing throwing and catching and giving it his all. It did not matter if he even touched the ball he was trying so hard. Last night, he had a fantastic game. He quarterbacked for 3 touchdowns and got 2 flags. He was so very proud of himself.


Hoekzema said...

Love the picture of Jenna!!!! Too cute with all the teeth!

Auntie Amy said...

Finally, Ann, you posted again. I was waiting!
I bet Hailey is terrific at dance. She is so creative and...well, of course, princesses can dance!
Yeah Jackson! I'm so impressed with your football skills. It sounds like you worked hard and it paid off!
As a morning cartoon broadcaster, does this mean Jackson doesn't want to be a font designer anymore?...I understand trying to hold down 2 jobs can be difficult (of course, maybe Jenna can help Jackson like she helps mommy at Guestbook Store).
I love this blog!!