Thursday, September 17, 2009


I knew it would show up sooner or later! Well, later it was...
This past weekend we were cleaning out the kiddos playroom (whoa, it was a MESS!) and found the camera. Tucked away neatly in the electronics bin. ummmm....
Since we have now purchased a new camera (and the fact that I slammed the old camera in the van door and slightly dented it before it was missing) we have decided to give the camera to Jackson and Hailey. They both love taking photos, so we will see what they capture from a kiddos' point of view.
On that camera....are photos of Jackson's 7th birthday!!! He had a fantastic birthday (back in July) at an indoor water park.

September began with sending Jackson and Hailey off to school. As you can tell by the photo, we did not need to push the out of the door! In fact, Hailey had her coat on about 20 min before it was time to leave. Both are doing excellent and love school. As for Jenna, she is home with me. That nap mat I previously posted about, it remains in the bag. I (with a few persuasive discussions from Amy and Papa) will continue to take her to work with me. Jenna loves going to work, and we love having her there, so it is all working out.

As for projects, I am working on quite a few right now. Soon, soon something will be complete!

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