Monday, April 12, 2010

So Much Cake!

Our darling, Miss. Hailey celebrated her 6th birthday last week. Here are some photos from her special days.

Hailey celebrated her birthday three times! Well, four if you count the cupcakes she took to school.

First, was a party at JoAnn Ect. with her friends. Have you ever seen so many sprinkles on one cupcake? Not a single girl at the party was able to finish their cupcakes.

Hailey's second party was with her the family on Easter Sunday. For this birthday celebration, we also included Aunt Kelly and Daddy as their birthdays were just a couple days after. And one giant cupcake was the cake of the day.

Hailey's third cake was on her actual birthday! She selected a small Barbie cake from our local grocery store. Perfect size for our caked-out family of five.

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