Friday, April 30, 2010

Bye, bye pink and brown!

Working further on the conversion from pink/brown to aqua/red, here is the results:

The fabric -- isn't that just plain cute! It is from here. Now, I have to admit, not every project turns out perfect. I dare not show you the back of this lamp. Why? Ummm....the dresses, well they would be sideways.... I discovered this while cutting it out, but decided to forge ahead anyway. Who will see the back? Nope, not you. Just trust me, and imagine it! But really, focus on the cute front with that ric rac and bias tape ruffle. Cute.

Wall Quilt

During my crafting weekend, I created this for Jenna's new aqua and red room. It was fun to create and complete a project in two days - and have the time to do so!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Butterfly Frame

Very simple project. The punched the butterflies out of various scrapbooking papers. Then bent slightly and hot glued to a background paper. The frame was dark brown so I painted it aqua and then roughed it up a little. Simple. The whole project took about one hour!

Nintendo Anyone?

No, we are not talking about the Wii here. You must go back to 1983 to see the version that is played in our house. It all started with the Atari I got from my parents when they were packing up to move. It was a hit, a huge hit! Then Stuart's parents were also packing up to move and came across some more goodies from the 80's. I am not sure how exactly we got the Nintendo, but I know the boys took several trips to the used video game stores. Don't worry we still have the Atari too! Well, the activity has moved beyond the television and now Jackson gets to watch Mario all night long.....

So Much Cake!

Our darling, Miss. Hailey celebrated her 6th birthday last week. Here are some photos from her special days.

Hailey celebrated her birthday three times! Well, four if you count the cupcakes she took to school.

First, was a party at JoAnn Ect. with her friends. Have you ever seen so many sprinkles on one cupcake? Not a single girl at the party was able to finish their cupcakes.

Hailey's second party was with her the family on Easter Sunday. For this birthday celebration, we also included Aunt Kelly and Daddy as their birthdays were just a couple days after. And one giant cupcake was the cake of the day.

Hailey's third cake was on her actual birthday! She selected a small Barbie cake from our local grocery store. Perfect size for our caked-out family of five.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hailey's Room!

We asked Hailey, "If you could decorate your room any way you wanted, what would you do?"

Her quick reply was a gardening theme with flowers, flowers and more flowers. And blue walls with clouds. Okay. We let a couple weeks go by as we planned and gathered supplies.

So knowing that Jenna needed furniture and quick tours of the furniture stores revealed nothing I was interested in, so I tried it -- Craigs List. Next, I sent my husband, in a Uhaul, off into the country to pick up a large quantity of vintage girly furniture. After the furniture was home, we decided it was much more appropriate for Hailey's room then Jenna. Hailey would love canopy bed and new desk!
The canopy. Yes, I made it. White fabric, glitter tulle, (Yes, I used glitter. Now that is love. You should see my sewing room!) green wool felt, and some flower garland, several hours and lots of pinning yields one garden bed!
The frog, ladybug and butterfly - place mats from JoAnn. Genius.
The HUGE flowers. They are paper! The large pink one is 22 inches across.
And that 9 patch quilt in the corner (over some cushions that make a perfect sitting area for Hailey to play) is finished. We will just go ahead and cross that off the To Do list.
The best part, surprising Hailey with this room. She came home from a vacation at Auntie Amy's house and we went to tour Jenna's room. She soon noticed her doll house.....her bed.....her.... She was confused as to why her stuff was in Jenna's room. Soon we let her in her room, and she was thrilled to say the least! Happy 6th Birthday Hailey!
UFO List
Quilt for our bed
Holiday quilt
Simple Abundance Quilt
Scissors Quilt
Shadowbox frame
Crocheted block blanket

Friday, April 2, 2010

Feather and a tin can.

Who needs fancy toys when you can play with feathers and a tin can? Say the color, tickle yourself, giggle, giggle and giggle some more.
Oh how I wish I could remember being two!

Now that you have admired that cute little girl, take a peek at her dress! I dug into my stash to create this summer number. Mama Hen and her chicks...perfect for this time of year. Same pattern I have used many, many times before.

Bye, bye!

We said farewell to the crib! Yes, our little one is not so little anymore. One of those bittersweet moments. Jenna took her last nap in her crib on Tuesday. I knew when getting her up from her nap it would the last time lifting her out of her crib. I tried to cherish every second of it. Then she gives me her blanket, her Nuk and Mr. Moose (cause she hopes maybe, just maybe I will have a weak moment and let her bring them downstairs!) and then reaches her arms up for me. Oh, heartstrings...tug, tug......

On Tuesday all three kiddos left to spend some time at Auntie Amy's house. While they were gone, we took the time to redecorate Hailey's room, add a couple touches to Jackson's room, and move Jenna into her big girl bed. It was a busy few days! We managed a couple nice dinners out too. Photos of the changes will be up over the next couple days. There are a lot of changes...

Now back at home, Jenna saw her new room and big girl bed. It was a love/hate relationship! She loved it, but did not actually want to use the bed for a nap! Nap was pretty short, very short. But bedtime tonight, she fell right to sleep after reading a couple books. Here she is preparing for bed.....

Her new room is coming along. Red and aqua. But that on. That must change. I have ideas....