Tuesday, February 22, 2011


A "new-to-me" trend in sewing is recycling, or upcycling. I had a couple shirts of Hailey's that were in my repair or recycle pile. They were beyond repair with holes and stains. So I faced two new challenges in one project, sewing knits and upcycling. My inspiration came from this very, very awesome blog. And WOW, they were easy peasy. Sewing knits is not has hard as I thought it would be. So hear are the results of a rough-and-ready dress in about 15 mins. Please ignore the little girls hair and cheesy attitude :)

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I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

Oh! Great job. I love the girly look of it. She is adorable, by the way. Love those curls. Thank you for sharing this with me!