Saturday, August 9, 2008

The days just fly bye....

I am trying my best to enjoy the last month of summer, but it is just flying by. So fast that there is no longer one month left, but 3 weeks. It seems are days are packed and our calendar is FULL! I am trying to treasure every last day, but do they need to go by so fast? Along with summer keeping us busy, so are summer colds. Jenna has a stuffy nose and cold. But she is a trooper! Of course she screams at me when she sees the tissue coming, but overall, she is very good about being sick. And she is so kind, she gave her Mommy the cold as well!

Jackson has had a the weekend of a lifetime! His cousin Curt came down and they both stayed over night at Grandma and Papa's house. They had fun swimming, playing and of course, the demolition derby. Crashing and smashing cars - what more could a boy ask for?!

Let's back this up, just so you get a full understanding how much Jackson loves his cousin Curt. He was told that Curt would arrive at 7am on Friday. I came downstairs shortly after 5am and Jackson was awake! He wanted to know when Curt would be there. I sent him back to bed until 630am. At 630am he quickly got dressed and headed downstairs. In order to see out the window, he stands on the bench in our entry way. He stood there until 720am when Curt arrived!

While Jackson was away at Grandma and Papa's house, Hailey and I got to go on a date. She picked Claires. This would be a store packed full gems and treasures for every princess! Her theme seemed to be candy. So she picked out barrettes and rings with candy and cupcakes on them! They all pack nicely in her beautiful bright pink glitter bag! (and yes, the glitter is everywhere. I very much dislike glitter....) Afterwards, we did a little clothes shopping for the start of school. Hailey loves The Children's Place. Why? Because they have the brightest and silliest clothes in town. Perfect for Hailey and a style all her own!

Today I took the boys, girls and Auntie Amy to the festival downtown. We met up with Stuart who had entered his first ever sidewalk chalk coloring contest. Excellent Work!!! (The event was sponsored by our local events magazine, Volume One)

Jackson and Hailey had the chance to draw with chalk as well. Hailey drew this delightful snowman while Jackson created a colorful car.

The kiddos spent some time in the inflatables, petting zoo, and of course a silly string war zone.

We are ending this busy day with a movie. The kids are all downstairs watching Alvin. We will see if those tired eyes make it though the movie!

Speaking of movies here is a little clip of Jenna. While she is quite good at sitting up, getting everything in her mouth does not always happen! (Remember this toy from when you were little? They sell the updated lead free version at Target now!)


Hoekzema said...

I think Stuart's chalkfest picture was the best! You beat us to blogging it.

Kelly - PTT said...

Jackson is the cutest ever. What a sweetheart. Curt had a blast. Thanks for hosting!