Sunday, August 24, 2008

One less tooth...

We have been so busy these last few weeks. Camping, trip to Chicago, the MN Zoo...and we will squeeze the MN State fair in as well!!! (I will try to blog the photos as time allows!)

Jackson has so much going on in his world these days. Change is big deal for Jackson. He is down to 3 days left at daycare, and just discovered that he only has one day left with his best buddy. I can tell he is trying to process it all. I know he will love kindergarten and will meet wonderful new friends, but it is hard to leave the old and familiar. Anyway, Jackson is still Jackson. His front tooth was a little loose. He was counting his birthday money and such for his trip to Chicago (or toys at Lego Land!) and I mentioned, without thinking first, that if he lost his tooth the fairy might give him some more money. Well, the very next day it was gone! His teacher told me that he worked very hard during nap time to get the tooth out. And he succeeded. (Please ignore the pizza face!)

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