Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Holy Smokes!

So last week before we left for Mexico, Jackson was having a blast playing with cardboard boxes. He built a TV and Hot Dog Stand.

We were picking up the house before we left, and Stuart put the cardboard toys into the garage cause they were starting to stink a little.

When we returned home, we could smell this smoked hickory smell. I looked around, cleaned out the entry way, cleaned my diaper bag. It smelled like smoked fish or rotten food. I took out the garbage that night, but left Jackson's TV and Hot Dog stand, knowing he would be angry with me if the garbage man took it away.

Stay with me here.....

Tuesday I went out to lunch with my Aunt. During this time Stuart took Jenna to pick up Hailey from preschool and grab lunch for them. Upon his arrival back home, he opened the garage door to find black smoke pouring out. Took the kiddos to the neighbors, and the fire department came out to put out the fire. We are very lucky to have caught it time. We will have a nice bill to repair the situation, but the inside house walls are fine.

So what really caused the fire? We don't actually know. The only thing sitting by the wall was the two cardboard boxes. The trim that was totally charred is not in the photo, but you can tell it is where the fire started -- down on the ground. So that would eliminate the electrical outlet that is higher up, maybe. The fire dept cut away the wall and removed instulation to make sure the fire was out. That question of how the fire started may never be answered, I just have to be very grateful that I am standing in my kitchen typing this post.


Mandi said...

Wow that is sooo strange! Good thing yall came home when you did! Glad everything turned out ok.

susie said...

Oh my gosh Ann! Glad everyone is OK and you caught it in time! Hope you had fun on your trip.

Hoekzema said...

I have pictures of the 2 firetrucks and 5 police cars in the street for the event if you want them.