Saturday, January 31, 2009

Middle of the night laundry....

Things have been a little crazy since we got back home from Cancun. The fire was a good kick start to our arrival, and next it was the flu bug.

Jenna had her one year appointment on Tuesday. (stats: 19lbs (30%), 55% for height, and 75% for head cir) She was crabby going in so I knew something was not quite right with her. Doc discovered her upper two molars breaking though. Three shots and one blood draw later we were off to home -- with a now very, very sad baby. In the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday, I woke up the sound no parent wants to hear -- that of "tossing cookies." Jenna continued that well into Thursday night. Then I thought she was better yesterday (Friday) but nope. The flu was gone but the teething remained. She cried and cried last night. And this morning, more tears. THREE straight hours of tears. Tylenol, Motrin, Oragel, teething toys, cold wash stopping the tears. Oh, did I mention one more molar is coming in on the bottom and the other lower front tooth? I sent Stuart off to the herbal heath store for teething tablets. She took three and viola - Happy Baby! Just like that. Really, that fast. So lesson learned this week:

Make all Doc appointments first thing in the morning. This way the doc office is not yet infected with the germs of the sick kids who call in for same day appointments -- assuming it was cleaned well by the night crew! And your appointment has a better chance of being on time. And Teething Tablets are the best thing is the whole wide world!

As for the rest of the family. Jackson was bitten by the flu bug as well, but was better in a matter of 12 hours. The rest of us are just fine, tired, but fine.

This blog is kiddos and crafts for a reason, but the craft end has been really lacking! I have the sewing bug again....maybe soon.....maybe.

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susie said...

so sorry to hear about Jenna...what a test of patience for her Momma. The crying spells are the worst!