Monday, March 30, 2009

It's coming along...

Slow but steady wins the race - right?
Actually I feel as though I have made excellent process on my office -- seeing as though Stuart took a last minute trip to Cleveland to visit his Pop (who is feeling much better) and Jenna is teething and a cold. But what would life be if it was all smooth sailing?

Sometimes I send my children to clean their playroom, and three hours later, it still looks the same. They get distracted by neat toys and cool stuff. Well, the same things happens when I clean my office!

Jackson picked a quilt out of a absolutely fantastic book that had a rocket ship in the center. So of course I started searching for applique techniques and then found some really cool rocket designs and then could not resist starting.......I am still practicing with the feed dogs down, but all in all, I think it turned out quite well. Yes, the green and yellow stars are not finished -- that would require me changing thread two more times!

Also while cleaning, I came upon boxes of items from my Grandma. Magazines and more magazines. This magazine cover, it rocks. Come on Susie, look at this!
Here take a closer look at the best part!

This magazine cover plus a few other ads will be framed on hung on the office wall.
That's all for today folks!

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