Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Big FIVE!

And a happy, happy birthday for Hailey!

Hailey had a blast on her big day.

This morning she had preschool and was thrilled to bring home 3 friends with her. Then two neighbors came over. She had an Under the Sea birthday with Turtles and Dolphins galore! We played games, did some art projects, a scavenger hunt to find the cake, and played outside so we could enjoy our beautiful sunny day. And some yummy sea lunch of course!

After the friends party, we had a family party. Hailey picked Panera, her favorite restaurant, for dinner and Cold Stone for dessert. Then we returned home to open presents. Here is Hailey wearing her Fancy Nancy crown and butterfly fan from a book she adores (Thanks Eric, Irene, Emma and Jane!) She is also sporting her new gardening apron, and lets just add some M&M toe stocks to complete the outfit!


Auntie Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Hailey!! You look adorable, as always!

amandajean said...

happy birthday to hailey!!!