Monday, April 20, 2009

It turned out!

Today I placed "Popsicle" in the washing machine, crossed my fingers, and walked away. It washed up perfectly! And got that wonderful quilt like softness.
Here are some photos of it in use!

The recipient of this fine piece of quality craftsmanship.

Hailey, Lily, Rosey, and Tulip enjoying the quilt as well.

At my Craftin' weekend I was able to create a few other items as well. Here is Jenna sporting her new butterfly bloomers and matching tee. With an appliqued a butterfly in the tee.

More project photos to come!


Amy said...

Awesome stuff...and adorable kids!!

Alison said...

That little quilt is just beautiful!! Lovely colors.

amandajean said...

jenna's new outfit is adorable! and i love the quilt!