Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 1

And we are off! We picked up the RV, packed it, and started heading down the highway. On our first day of travels, we drove about 7 hours, ending in Mitchell, SD and parking in a Cabella's parking lot. We tried to make frequent stops at rest stops allowing the children to play at the playgrounds. I even gave driving this 30 footer a try -- through SD where there is nothing but straight rodes. Not too tough, but I prefer riding over driving. Plus, I need to continue my role as waitress and go-fer. Yes, today I made coffee for Stuart while on the road. Started the generator and everything - okay, it is just the switch of a button - but we are getting the hand of things.

So far in day one, we have soon realized that even though our rental only had 1,880 miles when we started, it still shakes and rattles. But if you shove a sock here and there the rattles stop! And speaking of rental, it states that several places on our RV so everyone knows to stay out of our way -- newbies here!

One one tourist stop today. We stopped in Blue Earth, MN to visit the Jolly Green Giant.

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