Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 2

Good Mornin' South Dakota, and fellow RV travelers in the Cabella's parking lot! Easy place to stop and free! We pulled in around 11pm, so it was simple to park and crash. Day 2 started with RV life. We did a little unpacking got organized, showered, breakfast and we were off. The convenience of living in your vehicle - very nice so far! (so far, we are on day 2 of 14!)

Our first stop this morning was the Mitchell Corn Palace. We stopped, we saw, we left. 5 min and we did not even go inside. It was on our way to our next stop, Prehistoric Indian Village. It was very neat and we saw an archaeological dig taking place by British college students. Very neat to experience.

Here are the kiddos playing at a park Our RV is in the background.

Back into the RV for a couple hour drive to the 1880's village. You wander though a village of buildings and of course the kiddos wanted to dress in costume from that era. Hailey and Jackson were both cowboys/girl and Jenna was a little girl. We called her Little Bo Peep - with red cowboy boots on! Obviously, we let her pick her own costume.

And on our way, we did stop and feed the prairie dogs. They did not really want the peanuts we purchased to feed them, but they entertained us anyway!

Our last and final destination for the day is the Badlands. What a way to end your day. They are a spectacular sight.

This evening we upgraded from the parking lot and are staying at a KOA near the Badlands. We took a little swim and are now settling in for the night.

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