Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 3

Day #3 leads us into the scenic route though the Badlands. What a beautiful way to start a day!

We continued on to the infamous Wall Drug and did enjoy that 5 cent cup of coffee while the kids enjoyed ice cream!
Maybe that ice cream was not such a good idea....or a bug has entered our vacation. Jenna is sick. Oh, she is pretty sick with vomiting and a high fever. Cross our fingers she is better tomorrow. Since she was not feeling good, she only seemed to be happy in the car (we rented one) or me holding her where she could sleep. So we did some scenic driving again. Off to see Mount Rushmore.And then Crazy Horse.

Our day is ending at a KOA here in Rapid City, SD. We have lots of fun plans for tomorrow, but we need to see how peanut is feeling. Fireworks are starting! What is today again? I have a feeling we will see our share this year!

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