Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 5

Our travels lead us from Rapid City, SD to Greybull, WY. Today Jenna was on the mend, but CRABBY! We returned our rental car in the morning and prepared for a day of travel and relaxation time for the kids, which they much needed. Our first drive was to Deadwood. We toured a museum and left. I personally, was expecting a little more than casinos and gift shops. Jenna was not herself at all, to put it nicely so we headed back on the road. Our next stretch of driving was to Devils Tower. Jenna fell asleep – yahhh, a four hour nap! Since Jenna was sleeping, we took turns with Jackson and Hailey hiking through the woods. What a sight!!

After this, it was back in the RV to our long drive to Greybull WY – though the Bighorn National Park. OH MY!!!! The way up the mountain was beautiful, the way down – well, my head was in a pillow after deciding that my brake pedal was useless! If you did not know, I hate heights. We did see lots of deer and Jackson and I saw a moose. I will give Stuart lots of kudos for driving. He did a great job with the RV. Actually, I think he drives the RV better than the car!

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