Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 4

Day 4 was spent in Rapid City, SD. Jenna was feeling okay, so we thought. She started off the day okay but soon you could see the energy drain and the crabbiness start. Our first stop was at Old MacDonald's farm. It was a fantastic farm with lots of animals, including many baby animals. The kiddos loved it.
Jenna was great as long as she could see me. Out of sight -- here is what would happen!

This is kinda what she was like...... Actually, she loves being a troll and does a great, "Who is on my bridge?" Ask her sometime, I am sure she will show you!

Next we were off to Bear Country USA. This is an "open" park. You drive though and keep your windows closed! We happened to be there at feeding time. All of a sudden all the bears started heading towards one spot. We soon saw a white truck with someone shoveling many, many scoops of food out. I am guessing it was chicken. Here is a shot of a bear that stopped to have a bite in front of our car.
Here is the group of bears feeding on the chicken.
After seeing the animals, we spent some time in Keystone and driving around the Black Hills. We stopped and toured a cave, going 225 feet below ground. That was fantastic. The kiddos loved it and I got a workout carrying Jenna the whole way! Our final activity of the day was a Chuckwagon Show. Jackson and Hailey loved the shootout at the beginning and helping to find the Biscuit Bandit. We missed the final show, since Jenna was scared of the bandit and would scream if she saw him! That was a sign, our day needed to end!

I am writing this the morning of day 5. Jenna seems to be feeling pretty good so far. We have a day of mostly travels ahead of us, so rest is in order!

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