Sunday, June 8, 2008

Inside the Guestbook Store

I know you have always been wondering what it looks like inside the store. Admit it, you do wonder! We are busting at the seams of our 1200 square foot office. Dad put up more shelving so we now have about 5000 albums on shelves and more back in storage. Our assembly line is established for picking and packing orders. And you can see, Jenna items are here and there around the store. She is our best employee!! Some companies give chocolate doughnuts to motivate employees, we give Jenna Smiles! Melts Papa's heart every time!

Well, that is small a glimps of where I spent my days. And you thought, I was just pretending to work :)

1 comment:

Hoekzema said...

Do you worry that the Mello Yellow can will spill on a guestbook?