Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tennessee! Part 1

Our Trip to TN! Get comfy and relax, it is family vacation photo time!
Our 14 hour car trip started out with leaving around 1pm on a Thursday, we arrived in TN on Friday at 5am! Yes, that was a marathon drive by Stuart!
Upon arrival we took a 4 hour nap, and then hit the pool!

This was Jenna's first time swimming! Of course I don't have photos -- I was in the pool with her!

Here are all the kiddos -Jenna, Hailey, Jackson, Emma and Jane. We were waiting in the 96 degree heat for a trolley. The kids did awesome!

The kids went on A LOT of rides. They were thrilled each and every time, well maybe not Jane! Here is Emma and Hailey spinning the teacup as fast as they could the whole ride. I learned today that spinning in good for child brain development. These girls are going to be brilliant!

Here I am! I just wanted you to know I was on the vacation as well. Since I am usually the photographer, the albums are usually missing a person! This photo is from the Dixie Stampede. Wow, was that a treat! First I realized that we were not getting silverware to eat with. Nope finger food. Okay. Sip my soup. Then corn bread. Excellent. Then a WHOLE chicken! Yes, one per person, Jackson and Hailey each got a whole chicken too! Still no fork! This is southern style. Ummm...does Dolly eat this way?
After the food shock, we did settle in to a pretty entertaining show.
We took a little time to explore Gaitlenberg TN as well. (only a few miles from Pigeon Forge). Here is Stuart and his bro Eric.
A little Indiana Jones mini putt. A first for the kids and they love it! I admit, Stuart won....
I could do a whole blog and photo album on the kids with animal statues! By the end of the trip they were asking for their picture to be taken!
To be continued to part 2.....

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