Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tennessee! Part 2

Stuart and Jackson went shopping at a hillbilly store. And I found this photo on the camera. Sometimes I wonder what he is teaching our boy!

Go carts! What a highlight of our trip. Actually, I think they were the best part of Jackson's trip! Since the cars went a max of 5 mph, they were allowed to drive themselves. Hailey, well, not the best driver yet! The job of steering and using the petals was just too much for her. Actually, this is the one moment I wish I had a video camera on vacation. The adults were laughing so hard we had tears. She would crash in to the wall, wave to us, and give us a thumbs up as the instructor had to push her away from the wall, once again.......

More rides!

Hailey loves this boat. We have a whole series of about 20 photos! Every time boat would swing up Hailey would make a different silly face.

The kiddos had a little cuddle time. Rest was much needed after our long hot days! (Just turn your head a little!)
Dollywood! Guess it is a must do if you are in the area. We can know say we have been....for what that is worth!
In attempt to beat the heat at Dollywood, our family shared a slushie. This is Hailey making sure Jackson did not take too much!

On our last day, we took a tour of a movie car museum! The camera is full photo of cars from different movies. The boys loved check Stu's blog...wait, he does not have one....guess you are out of luck!

Time to head for home! We did take 3 days to return and made a few stops along the way. One was the original KFC restaurant. Pretty neat.

Yes, Jenna was on this trip too! She did great. She is such a great car and stroller traveler. I have several photos of her from the trip. She happens to be in her stroller in all of them! Here she is at the Louisville Zoo. (which, by the way, is an awesome zoo!)

Jackson and Hailey in the very last photo of our trip. They are sitting on a display in the zoo.

There is a glimpse at our trip. We had a great time to TN and learned that our family does really well on car trips. Well, with Dramamine for Hailey anyway!

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