Monday, October 6, 2008

The past days....

So we ended our week with Jackson staying home sick on Friday. He woke up sick (I will spare you the details!) in the middle of the night. He was better by about 10am, but enjoyed a day of tv anyway. I came home from work and told him that I was jealous that he got to sit on the couch all day. He preceded to tell me how boring it was!!!

Jackson also is working on the tooth race with Jenna. He lost his dangle tooth (that is what I called the gross unbrushed thing that was hanging there but hurt to touch - yuk!) this week. So that puts him with the new growth of 4 big teeth. Jenna is still winning with 6 new teeth.

As for our weekend, it was very relaxing. We had wonderful weather on Saturday so we took some timeto gather our pumpkins (from the grocery store!) Jenna loved playing with them. She sat in the yard and played by this pumpkin for about an hour!

On Sunday it rained. ALL DAY. Well, it did stop for a moment. During this time Jackson begged to drive his Jeep. He put batteries in the radio, so he feels pretty good crankin' the tunes as he drives around. Funny thing is, he usually has it on the country station! That's my boy! Anyway, the rain stopped on Sunday, or so I thought. I told Jackson and Hailey to take something up to the neighbors house. They got dressed (yes, pjs at 2 in the afternoon is a sign of a good day!) and headed out. I peeked out about 5 min later and this is what I saw! Sorry kiddos, I thought the rain stopped!!! (It really is raining in this photo!)

So that is our week. I am super excited.... Oh, yes. It is Crafter's weekend. Do you know I get to craft for 3 days straight. I know you are jealous, but try to contain yourself. There are 13 other girls just as eager and excited as I am. Don't worry, there is a "What is in it for me?" factor here. Pictures. This blog is not named Kiddos and Crafts for nothin'! Photos of crafts next week. You will have to wait....Oh, I know that you are super excited about this!

Speaking of crafts. Hailey and I started a project. She really wants to learn how to sew. Although she is not patient about me taking the time to read directions or assemble pieces correctly, she is taking her lessons on the machine. She can now life the foot, turn the machine on, go forward and backwards and adjust the speed for me. (FYI - my machine is all button operated, no foot petal needed) What a pro! I recall sewing around 1st grade, so she is just getting a little head start. Oh, back on topic. She wanted to make a dress for Halloween. So we went and picked out fabric. Well, she picked it out. Candy Corn. While I love candy corn, Hailey really loves it. So here it is.....

Pattern from, called Criss Cross Twirl Top.

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