Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Police Officer on Duty!

So Jackson (and his assistant Hailey) have been on the hunt for naughty words! Yes, those are tickets in his belt and coins he collected. He requires the "large coins" when catching you say a naughty word. So this weekend has been quite lucrative for my boy. Daddy donated a few, Auntie Amy cleaned her purse out, Janice gave a few, and Grandpa was caught as well. Mommy -- clean slate! So visitors came here with a clean mouth!

And I bet you have been wondering what I did at that Crafter's weekend. Well, I accomplished some. The wine tasting was a hit!!! And my have hindered by progress a little, but it sure was fun!

A few hats were knit. I did get a photo of Jenna in her aqua one. The two others have not been photographed yet. Patience my readers, patience!

Speaking of my readers, who reads this blog anyway? Come on, fess up....


Hoekzema said...

I LOVE the hat!!!!!!!!! Such a cute picture of Jenna too. Keep Jackson away from our house...I just returned from NY/NJ. I will be broke.

Shawna said...

I LOVE IT!! Oh my gosh!