Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some days....

you just wanna go back to bed!

So here was my day. The doc said that Jenna should be sleeping 8-12 hours at night without feeding. Well, yes, I know this, but think my heart has grown soft with my 3rd baby. BUT time to put my foot down if I ever want a full nights sleep. Here is a glimpse of last night...
Bed at 7pm
Awake at 10pm, fusses just 5 min and goes back to sleep
Awake at 11:55am UNTIL 2:24am, and so is Mommy. But no food! I did it.
Awake at 6am. I give her a bottle.
8am - I wake her up! Time to go to work.
It is now almost 7pm, so she is asleep. Let see how night 2 goes. (Anyone wanna stay over night?!)

So off to work. Call from daycare to learn Hailey got her finger slammed in the door. So at 11am I head from work to daycare. Did I tell you I was tired? The daycare thinks maybe a stitch or two is needed, and neighbor Doc thinks the same (via description over the phone) so off we go. Hailey is one tough cookie. Really, she was sooo good. The available doctor (who is our old ped I no longer know, the one with the open schedule) decides that stitches are not needed and uses some superglue stuff. And he told Hailey that it would turn black and blue. She is thrilled and asks him if she can go to school tomorrow. He says yes, and she is even more thrilled knowing she gets to show off a black and blue finger! Strange child. At this point the wonderful superglue stuff is peeling off and the cut if open again.......

Did I mention it took 2 Tylenol and 2 Advil to take the bite off my migraine?!!
Oh, did I also mention that Stuart is gone today for a meeting???
And did I mention that I lost the remote so I cannot change the channel? The kids have been watching a Jon & Kate plus 8 marathon! and they like it....

And the phone rang no less than 15 times this sorry if you called, I did not answer it!

And I made it through. It is 7:14pm and the kids are going to bed, and so am I.


Hoekzema said...

Funny, don't recall the HAND SURGEON across the street being the one contacted as the neighbor doc. Good enough for the Piltz family, but not the Sandlers evidently.

Ann said...

Check your caller ID chicka! No one happened to be home on a Wednesday afternoon. We might still need check up hand doc after all. Jackson jammed his pinky at football tonight and Hailey's thumb could use a glace at!