Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Amy's Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to Amy! Yes, my much older sister celebrated her 29th birthday! :) We took the day to visit her at the lake. Here is where I would normally insert a photo of Amy fishing, but since I am such a nice sister, I won't! And because I know she would be really, really mad at me!
Jackson and Hailey had a blast fishing. Well, Jenna did too...the pontoon rocked her right to sleep! Here are some photos of the kiddos....

Jackson fishing with Grandma and Papa.
He practiced casting in the yard before we went out. He cast perfectly the first time!

Hailey and her first and only fish. She decided that one was plenty.

And Jenna. She spent the better part of her day chasing the dog around. All we heard was "My-OOO, My-OOOO." Translation in adult English: Milo.

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