Saturday, June 13, 2009


The kiddos are adjusting to life at home since the school year ended. We are getting into our routine and the sitter is working out wonderfully! It is so nice when things go as planned! :)

My most recent quilt is for the director of the kids daycare. Where Jackson and Hailey both went, and where Jenna will start in the fall. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor and has started radiation in Mayo every week. The kids and teachers placed their hand prints on a two yard piece of ivory fabric. I brought home and turned it into this:

Once again, blogger rotated my photo and I don't know how to change that!
I am off to spend the day with my sister and shop, shop and shop! Whoo-oooo!!!!
Have a great weekend!!!


amandajean said...

what a wonderful quilt! i love how you did the border.

susieknits said...

AMAZING!!! What a wonderful gift for her. My step dad has blankets on hand ever since he had radiation. She'll get lots of use out of it. Great work. Now only if I could touch it through the computer...

shanna said...

What a great quilt!