Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Finished projects!

I have quite a few WIP so I am fighting the temptation to start anything new until I get a few things finished. This week -- two items finished!!!

For Hailey's preschool graduation her gift was some lemon fabric that she had picked out a few weeks prior. See I told you I was behind! I originally started the dress with a store purchased pattern. MISTAKE. Store patterns, well, that can be left for a whole different post. On a visit to the local quilt shop I spotted a pattern I had my eyes on for quite some time. It is a $$$$ one, but I managed to justify it because it is size 6 months to 8 years, so I "should" be able to use it many times over! Anyway, the combo of lemon fabric and new pattern lead to this:

My model was quite her charming self so there are lots of photos to show!

My second completed project is for Jenna. She will be starting daycare after Labor Day. They take naps on a nap mat, so I made a Oh Cherry Zig zag Quilt for her to nap on. Moda also sells the Oh Cherry print on a bag. Perfect. Now, lets just hope she uses it :)

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amandajean said...

beautiful projects! the dress is adorable on your daughter. and the matching quilt/bag? so so good!!!