Sunday, August 23, 2009

What a Beautiful Day....

Yesterday was a the perfect weather day. Sunny, 75 and beautiful. My kind of weather! Today will be another day just like that. Hopefully I can get some photographs taken of recent projects. And the weeding....oh, I think there are some weeds in my backyard taller then me. Really. I am hoping the kiddos will think they are super-kids and get using those muscles! We shall see.
We took full advantage of the weather yesterday and attended a Bluegrass Festival put on by our local community radio station. It was really fun. The festival was at a local park on the lake. The area of the festival was fenced in, so the kiddos could play on the playground, dig in the sand, hula hoop, dance, make art projects (more on that below) and the big boys played Kubb. Jackson knocked the king down, winning the game for the boys. He was VERY proud!

Back to those art projects. Jackson created a rain stick out of, get this, a fabric tube! They had cut the fabric tube into pieces and he hammered thin nails in to it. Taped the bottom closed and added rice. Taped the other end closed and decorated. Fantastic toy. Hailey made a drum out of another wide fabric tube. They cut the top off a balloon and stretched it around the form. Decorated it with colored duct tape there you have it, a drum.

Soon we headed back home and enjoyed some grilled dinner and homemade ice cream. Excellent day. Here are some photos.....

I would also like to take a moment to ask you a favor. The Guestbook Store has always donated to kids in need around the holidays. But this year we expanded that - and will be continue to do more things soon (I will tell you about that later). Please take a moment to read my sister-in-laws story on her blog.... School Supplies The start of school is right around the corner and the thought of kids not having supplies breaks my heart. So if you are out school shopping, pick up a few extra things and drop them off to the local school. The front desk will gladly take them and see they go to children in need of them. Or pick up a supply list by the school supplies and fill a backpack. After school starts, these items go on clearance....feel free to do it then as well!

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