Sunday, August 2, 2009

Going back in time....

Have you been wondering if I left the blog world? Nope. Just trying to keep up with summer and life!

Lets go back to the beginning to of July and show you what we have been up to....

A litte water fun on the 4th. We went to a friends cabin (thanks Bob and Colleen!) and had a great day.

Summer is not complete without a fair. Jackson and Hailey had a blast riding the rides this year. Jenna enjoyed chillin' with her cashews!

Jenna makes sure her new best friend Elmo is fed.

Stuart left for Typecon mid July. He was presenting his new Filmtype book. So, while he was away, we kept ourselves busy.

Family Camping. We headed up to my brother's cabin for a weekend of R&R. And that is was :) It was so nice to have cousins that love to keep busy and let the parents relax. Here I am relaxing with my folks and cuddling with the girls.

Summer is not complete without good old Wisconsin corn on the cob.

We took a drive to visit Vino in the Valley. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner and took a stroll around the yards.

To be continued....

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Carly said...

Adorable children, you are right, must have that corn on the cob