Friday, December 10, 2010

The Apparent Project

The mail arrived today, as always - in rain or shine, Keith delivers the mail. Today the mail was more then items to put in my recycling bin and bills to pay. Today a package from Haiti arrived. A package of pure joy.

A few weeks ago in my blog reading hours, I stumbled across a post about a project in Haiti. Not just any project. A project of crafts, business skills, and success. The Apparent Project. Teaching others to succeed and create a livelihood for themselves. The project stayed in my mind, and just how could I help? A quick decision was made to purchase 100 bracelets. Yes, 100!!!! That is what arrived today, 100 bracelets. They are beautiful. Oh, they are so neat. Each one is labeled with the artists name and a little about them. By now, I am guessing you are wondering what I am going to do with 100 bracelets. Maybe I could wear them all at once, but instead I am going to give them away!!!!! In the next 100 Guestbook Store orders that come in, each person will receive a bracelet. Starting now....

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