Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Let it Snow!

We had A LOT of snow over this past week. I am not sure of the official measurement, but A LOT works for me!

On Saturday we enjoyed the snow, on Sunday the temps decreased and made the outdoors less tolerable.

We took Jenna out of a bit. She did not enjoy it. Here she is standing in the driveway asking if she
could go in now!

It fell like this all day. ALL DAY!

Jackson was lovin' making snow forts!

It was a perfect weekend for making homemade caramels! That is my stirrer that Jackson made me last year. It saves my arm from one hour of stirring! LOVE IT - and no, he is not getting the parts of his toy back!

And the final snow blowing of the weekend. Stuart is snow blowing across the end of our driveway after the plow came though.


Shawna said...

JACKSON made you that stirrer!? That is so awesome. What a great kid you have!

amandajean said...

all that snow looks mighty familiar. :)

i LOVE the stirrer. what a smart boy you have!

Hoekzema said...

That stirrer cracks me up!