Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Busy Morning

Progress has been made on Jenna's room!!! Going with the pink, brown and bird theme...here is her first wall hanging.

Let me first mention, I am not a photographer! The picture is made from various sorts of scrapbooking papers. I started off with the idea of ripping every part of the design...and then came the bird, and the scissors! I framed it with a pink ribbon and wha-la. Done.

On another wall of Jenna's room will be a floating white shelf, or two. This little fella will have a home on that shelf....

Bird: Hand and machine sewing. For main fabric, I purchased a set of recieving blankets that coordinated with Jenna's bedding. Button eyes and felt beak.

So, in adding new decor to one part of the home means cleaning out the rest! We are having a big 'ole thift sale here. I am cleaning house. Not more toddler boy stuff here. No more maternity either! Hailey was a huge help this morning cutting my printed price tags. And Jenna supervised!

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susieknits said...

Oh my goodness is that sweet little Jenna an angel or what?? She looks like a doll sitting there in her bumbo. I looove the bird scene in the frame. What a great idea. What a great theme for her room. Can't wait to see more! Oh, and Jackson looks like a teenager!