Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Making of Lulu

On Thursday morning, while Jackson was at preschool and Jenna asleep, Hailey and I had a little time to create Lulu. Hailey did an excellent job of cutting out the pattern pieces. (Really, I was very, very impressed with her cutting skills!)

After we finished cutting and sewing our creation, I told Hailey we might have to wait a till later to stuff it since we were out of stuffing. She told me she had a jewelery box full of cotton, perfect for a bunny. So she bolted upstairs and came back with her jewelery box (the handpainted one from Mexico) full of stuffing. She was collecting it from a princess pillow that had a hole in it! So bit by bit, she filled up Lulu.

We added a nose, mouth and eyes and Lulu came to life. Hailey was beyond excited to complete the bunny. The second photo here is of her and Lulu outside...Hailey thought the bunny needed to stay warm!

**Pattern: Wee Bunny Pattern, Wee Wonderfuls By Hillary Lang

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