Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Spy

This creation was inspired by a friend of mine. It is a about a 10 inch by 10 inch fleece pillow with a clear window. The inside is filled with a wide varity of beads and tiny objects. The kiddos set it on their lap and move objects into the window. They just search to see what they can find, or you call out items and they have to find them. I am hoping this will allow hours and hours of fun....well, I can hope!


Anonymous said...

Hey, question. Is the WHOLE pillow filled with the beads and things, or just a pocket section under the window? Also, do you pick up that plastic stuff at any fabric store? and is it hard to sew or will a regular machine get the job done?

OK that was three questions...heh.

susieknits said...

Love this!!!! Did you have a pattern or did you just wing it? I would love info. on doing it. What a great gift!

Can't believe how old Hailey looks...mini Little Miss Annie Sandler all the way! Love her haircut too!

Glad you have a blog so I can see all your neat stuff and those cutie-pies.

Marisol said...

Love it too, thanks!