Thursday, May 8, 2008

Blankets from days past.....

So, my children may have their cuddles, but so did I when I was a child. My blanket was everything. REALLY! From blanket to Little Red Riding Hood cape. A very special person made this blanket for me. My Grandma. No one knows the number of blankets she made in her lifetime, and I am guessing it was a pretty high number, but my blanket is the best off all of them! Really, it is. I know that love went into each tiny, tiny stitch. I know this because those tiny, tiny stitches are A LOT of work! (I think my Mom gave up on mending the holes!)

So Grandma continued to crochet as long as her fingers would allow. When she found out I was pregnant with Jackson, she insisted that Janice take her to buy yarn. She worked so hard to make a blanket for him, but her nimble fingers could not longer do what her brain insisted. The yarn retired to the sewing room, where yes, I admit, I stole it several years later. With that yarn I made a blanket for Jenna.

Grandma has since passed on, but the memories and her teachings of crocheting and sewing linger on. Happy Birthday Grandma!

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Anonymous said...

That is so beautiful, what a lovely memory.