Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jenna's Blankets

So we know that Jackson and Hailey both have their favorite blankets, but what about Jenna? Well, since she is just reaching 4 months, she has not made a commitment to any one blanket! She absolutely loves blankets thought. When Jenna is falling asleep she has been known to grab the edge of the blanket in each little hand and hold on tight. Sometimes she even pulls it over her face! Yes, she likes sleeping with her face covered! (Don't worry, Mommy keeps a careful eye on her!)

There are a few blankets that I think have the potential in being among Jenna's favorites. Of course the blue crochet blanket from Grandma's yarn and Hailey's hand-me-down pink blanket (like her favorite blue one) rank pretty high!

This blanket was made by my wonderful friend Wendi. I just love the colors. Jenna, well, she loves to eat it! Thank you Wendi for taking the time to make such an awesome gift. We LOVE it!

Here is Jenna cozy in her bed. With two blankets! The one she is laying on is, well, "soft as a babies' butt!" Really, a photo cannot even come close to doing this blanket any justice. Our very kind neighbors, Nate and Christine, gave this as a gift to Jenna. I am still waiting for Pottery Barn Kids to carry an adult version! The top blanket is one I made for Hailey. It is a duplicate of Jackson's, but in pink. We will see if Jenna goes for a hand-me-down, handmade or store bought!

Well, that ends my week of blankets! (Time to go snuggle in mine, I am exhausted!)

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