Saturday, November 7, 2009


The last two weeks of October have been filled with family, a trip and Halloween fun. Let me share....

Stuart's folks came to visit. We had a splendid, whirlwind visit.
(We sewed with Grandma too, but I have not taken those photos yet!)

Then trip to San Antonio. Why San Antonio? That is the first question people seem to ask. Well, we traveled with Sarah and Dave. The four of us listed some cities we each wanted to travel to. Places like Napa, NY, Nashville, Palm Springs, ect. After we crossed off any city that any one of had been to, we were left with San Antonio. Off we went.

I traveled with this cowboy....

And these cow folks too.....

We walked to the Madhatter for breakfast one morning. Yummy.

We stayed at the Emily Morgan. 14th floor. Directly next to the Alamo. Awesome Priceline deal. Haunted. (or so THEY say....)
Speaking of haunted....

Then Halloween came along. These are delicious. You should make them in your spare time.

Jackson was a Police Officer. He wanted handcuffs. Watch out!!
(and of course he does not want his photo taken!)

Hailey was a Candy Corn Queen. Yes, we made that costume.
You can't buy Candy Corn Queen costumes any old place!

And Jenna, Jackson and Hailey picked her costume. Elmo. Her true love.
And she loved her costume. I was a little afraid she would want it off,
but she was comfy and warm on our cool Halloween night.

That is all folks!

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Auntie Amy said...

Yeah! I've been waiting to see these photos. How cute are the halloween costumes! ...and the halloween neat! Pops and Grandma Sandler are looking good! Thanks for sharing.