Friday, March 4, 2011

Long Lists

My project list is over flowing.  New ideas, old ideas, project in the works and on and on.  It is the projects in the works that are really taking up space.  Space in my brain and in my sewing room!  So I am, once again, starting to tackle them.  I did put a huge dent in the "needs mending" pile.  This was something I was dreading.  Why???  Once I got out the needle and thread,  it was no big deal!  Putting it off and working it up in to big job in my brain took more energy then doing the work.  I will need to remember this next time I am putting a project off.

One of the items that was started last fall was a string quilt.  Contrary, to the mending pile, this project was meant to take time and will for some time to come.  For me, this project is very enjoyable.  When I just want to sew mindlessly for a few minutes this is perfect.  I love it because I get to see all the scrap fabrics and recall the project that was originally made with them, I don't have to try matching (actually trying  not to match works better) and best of all, I use whatever thread is on my machine!

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