Monday, March 14, 2011

Paper Fun!

Jackson LOVES cut and assemble paper figures.  He loves it so much that everyday he carries a new project to school to show his class.  Last week it was a pin hole camera.  The comedy of listening to Dad answer questions was delightful.  Questions such as, "Where do I see the photo at?"  "How do I get a picture?"  "Develop film, what's that?"  "You have to advance the film, what is that?"  We will see how the project turns out once he finished taking his photos.

On Saturday we stumbled upon some free cut and assemble projects online and better yet, they were Mario.  Jackson took this to school today:

You can download the printable Mario and lots of other fun fellas right here.

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edeenut said...

This looks like such a fun site, I'm sure my 3rd grader will love it.