Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Dream Machine

Let me introduce to you my new favorite sewing machine.  Out of my 4 machines, this one is my favorite - and it barely works!  All it needs is a little TLC.  While searching online one evening, I found a photo of a similar machine with an Eau Claire logo on it and LOVED it. A couple weeks ago, while shopping at an antique shop I found this one.  Oh, was I thrilled!!  It is a Precision De Luxe.  After a little research, it seems this machine was made in Japan.  Companies, or in this case, town names were printed on the fronts.  Now I will be searching for a cabinet for it and then give it the TLC it needs to get working again.  After that it will be on display in our living room.

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Susan Buckingham said...

I just found one in a shop this weekend. It's in a cabinet, but there isn't a foot pedal/knee pedal. The light works, so I know it's getting juice. I'll be working on getting whatever I need to make this little beauty work!