Friday, March 18, 2011

Ticker Tape Quilt

Sometimes I forget to post things I make.  Actually, a lot of times.

This was a fun quick quilt to make.  Since I used fusible batting and quilted as I went, there was a lot of instant gratification during this quilt.  It now hangs out on Jenna's bed.


Twinmommy said...

this is lovely... i love tickertape quilt... i do have a question about the fusible batting...? i have only used it once to make little make-up look like you used minky on the back of this did you fuse the batting? i thought you could not iron minky? great job again by the way!!!

Ann said...

Hi Twinmommy! I used know exactly what you are asking. My friend did the same thing and ruined her minkey dots. I think what i did right, with out knowing it, was ironed it on the carpet! The minky went down first, right side to carpet, then fusible batting, then top -- then I ironed. Test a small piece first! Good luck! Ann