Wednesday, September 3, 2008

1st day of school!!

What an exciting day here! Jackson started kindergarten, while Hailes started preschool.

Hailey was out of the house at 8am. Stuart drove her to 4K (4-year-old kindergarten) and she was thrilled to go. She took special attention to picking out her outfit today. Pink, purple and sparkles - perfect for Hailey. I picked her up today and she had a great day. She told me that what she was learning before was fake stuff and what she is learning now is real!

At 8:20 Jackson and I (and Jenna too!) started off for the bus. We walked down to the end of our street. Stuart met us there as not to miss the big event! Jackson took his time to take it all in and observe the situation. He waved to us and off he went...simple as that! We were there to meet him upon his return from school. He had a fantastic day. He said his lunch of french toast sticks and watermelon was "delicious." Jackson also mentioned that the afternoon is his favorite time of the day...why? Recess and snack. Tonight when I was tucking him in I told him, "two more days of school then two home days...." He was disappointed. He thought everyday was a going to be a school day and that there were not going to be any more home days! Guess he likes it!

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Anonymous said...

oh my gosh! It's been a while since I've seen a picture of him that upclose or something. Or maybe he did what Dade did and seemed to grow up overnight? I don't know but he looks like such a big kid! no more little boys! He is so handsome. I'm glad he's enjoying school. Is he in half day or all day K? (our school dist is switching to all day next year and I'm a little nervous about it for Zoe).