Monday, September 8, 2008

Teeth, teeth and more teeth

Around this house they seem to come and go pretty quickly!

While Jackson is still working on loosing that other top tooth, Jenna decided to out do him and grow FOUR at a time! Yes, she is getting all four upper teeth at once.

Thank goodness for Tylenol and teething gadgets. An apple in this little gadget and Jenna is a happy camper for at least 15 min!


Hoekzema said...

You're brave. I always found those mesh feeders to be completely disgusting to clean!

Ann said...

Oh, they are if you put anything in them besides apples! We had them with Hailey and threw them away after the first use. I think we tried bananas -- oh it was gross! Our new ped suggested them with apples. Since we just sucks on them the apple does not get mushed up and it is easy to clean.