Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wonderful children....

How great is it that I am sitting in my office while the kids are in the playroom making an alphabet book? They take a page, write each letter, think of words that start with that letter, then draw a picture of that item. They just came up with Orchard for O, GENIUS, I tell you!!!!
Okay, maybe they thought of that because we went to the orchard yesterday. Hailey missed her class field trip this week since she was sick, so we took her to pick apples yesterday. Forgot the camera, so no photos of the orchard. By the way, Hailey is much better now. Her fever ended around Wednesday, right before her doc appointment!

Here they are right now....

I did take these photos of Jenna the other day....She melts my heart! Look at those teeth!

Here is Hailey helping to make "cupcakes" for Jenna! Yummy, Yummy!
Since I learned that Gerber uses #7 plastic, the bad stuff, as containers to package baby food, we started making our own. We use the blender to make mystery fruit and veggie mixes and then freeze it in the muffin tin. Once they are frozen we put them in a container in the freezer. Simple as that. Jenna loves them too!
Off to enjoy a relaxing Sunday -- Hope you do the same!

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Michelle said...

I'm going to try this for our new baby!!